Adam Walker Film

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Hustling pixels since 1999

Adam Walker Film [AWF] is a boutique digital production studio providing premium services to the film, television and advertising industries. Based in Hobart, Tasmania, AWF delivers state-of-the-art digital animation, visual effects and interactive content to clients across domestic and international markets.

With a cultivated design sense and an ongoing commitment to produce content at the highest level across the many facets of the digital medium, we look forward to working with you and leveraging the maximum production value for your project.

Whether your preference is photo‐realistic or highly‐stylised characters and environments, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Our passion for storytelling, supported by our broad technical experience, ensures a result that will aesthetically and emotionally engage your audience.

We’re a small passionate production studio revolving around expertise and passion; this passion represents a resource that you can procure to ensure your next project is as affective as it can be.

Journey into the Creation Process...

As a digital content creator [DCC] with a back catalogue that spans just shy of two decades, the diversity of projects is pretty phenomenal. There are only a small fraction of projects over that timeframe that have been reliant of an identical set of skills, talent, tools and technologies; this need for ongoing evolution and adaption to service. This diversity of projects is critical in AWF’s ability to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

The scope of execution options available in digital production can often be daunting for all but the most “battle” hardened producer/art director. A great way to get a feel for the scope and varied scale of projects that are achievable is to review a selection of past studio projects.

original studio content

In a two-way symbolic relationship the studio’s original internal originated projects feed and leverage the creative and technical excellence prevalent in our client fee-for-service work.

Whether they are training exercises like the Arcade Trap short film or highly commercial enterprises like “Critter Ball”; these internal projects provide the studio with invaluable experience and exploratory freedom to grow and develop.

The multidisciplinary skill pool of AWF is key to the unique level of excellence delivered across a wide range of digital content creation spheres.

The studio HUB will grant you a glimpse of the wide creative gamut of original in-house work ranging from mobile games to paper craft kits.

Studio ideology

Why? Well the simple answer is because we love what we do (though post-Y-gen, does anyone do anything for any other reason.?) .

This answer is all about “selfish” suitability (ultimately combining sustainability of both our id and the environment); the pursuit of intellectual and emotion satisfaction in a global context of consequence… dang, that was some hard hitting keyword leverage right there.

Okay “phrasing” aside, the proof is in the pudding; we love ART, we love TECH, we love SMARTS, we love FAMILY/COMMUNITY – take a look at what we do…