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Inside the Treasure Chest

by Adam Walker
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by Adam Walker

The studio has been busy over the last two months creating a paper model game based on one of our upcoming iOS/Android games. One of the exciting challenges is to make all of the models glue-free but still look awesome (and robust) when you’re having a full scale battle.

Here’s a little insight into creating a glue-free paper model kit. This example is very simple, with only two parts (compared to 16 for the large models from the game!).

The loot chest (the paper model we are going to talk about) started out as a flat token that is used in the game as a way to mark treasure locations. Time for an upgrade to 3D!

Flat token that will be replaced with model

The first stage was to design how we thought the paper would be folded and cut to create the shape we were after (the real challenge is creating a design that doesn’t require any glue!)

Sketches for paper model

Once we were happy with the general idea of how the paper was going to be fitted together we made a digital 3D model to get the proportions right.

Digital 3D model of treasure chest

The geometry of this 3D shape is then flattened to create the initial paper cutout shapes.

Digital flattened model

Next up is the roughly hand-cut mock-up using the flattened shapes, this mockup gives us an idea what needs to be refined and adjusted in the transition from digital to physical, at this stage we cheat by using sticky tape.

Rough mock-up using tape

This is a further refined mock-up, this time adding the slots and interlocking flaps that will hold the shape together (you will note the sketch designs on the model indicating ideas of how we are going to add graphics to the model).

Refined mock-up

The next stage for the paper kit creation was using machine cutter rather than manual cutting. This stage usually reveals the need to tweak further the cut design (and print artwork) to allow for the technical considerations of the machine cutting process.

Machine cut Paper prototype

The printed artwork is now finalised and the model is printed and cut (and assembled to everyone’s satisfaction). The prototype is now incorporated into the full kits that make up the game… but we’re not quite ready to show that off just yet, but please stay tuned as it will only be a couple of weeks away.

Completed paper craft model

Check out the official Viking Horde Kickstarter page for more details about the game.