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Paper Fury – game concept

by Adam Reed
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by Adam Reed
Paper Fury Working Title

“Paper Fury” is the code name for our latest game concept, and this time around, we’re tackling an online-playable casual game that players can play within their web browsers.

The design for “Paper Fury” began while we were discussing what new game content we would upload onto our website. The one idea we were all keen for was the new 3D (hardware accelerated) games the studio have been working on. However, after much deliberation, we decided that first we should increase our game library with a simple 2D game, which can be played within the browser.

The initial concept behind “Paper Fury” was to take the two main guys from our studio showreel and explore the paper world environment that they inhabit in the showreel.

Paper Showreel Characters
Characters from showreel

The game structure is based around the various aspects and mechanics of paper craft. So everything resembles pieces of paper. players would be able to collect paper chunks and generate resources (“cuts” and “creases”) to create items and power-ups which they could use to defeat the games enemies.

We decided on a real time strategy game with a mix of rpg elements, and players would progress through various levels of difficulty while collecting paper resources to increase their tech-tree, unlock paper model “designs” for weapons and structures such as turrets which would attack enemies.

Flash IDE
Flash IDE

As the game wanted to be played in the browser window, we chose flash as the design application.

Our first step, after the design process, was to quickly produce a demo prototype of the core engine.

This prototype made apparent to us several key performance and game-play shortcomings that needed to be developed more. We could see that the base concept had merit, but needed a lot of development in various directions to make it an unique and exciting casual game. But, to generate this sort of feedback is why we created the demo prototype in the first place, so ultimately it was a success.

Paper Fury game artwork
Some of the prototype game artwork