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Reminiscing old times

by Adam Reed
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by Adam Reed

Today I am going to share some of my memorable moments in gaming.

With so many games to choose from – I decided to go with games that have effected me in some aspect of my live, I will start with Power Monger.

Power monger – 1991 (PC & Console)

Power monger is an early orthographic real time strategy set in medieval times published by Electronic Arts in 1991 for pc and consoles.

The game sees the player taking control of captains and their armies in an effect to conquer a world map by overtaking neutral or enemy farms towns and castles or by defeating the enemy captains, players won a map once he or she has tipped the balance of power completely in their favour.

Players army on the march
Players army on the march
Player army surrounding a castle
Army camping at a tower.
Players army on the march
Screenshot of town surrounded by hills

The game was a head of its time, featuring an invention tech tree and artificial life, Where each non player character (npc) contained its own mind and routine, having stats, allegiance, age, sex, weapons, hometown and; if a character contained small or no allegiance when recruited into the players’ army, it was most likely to flee in battle if moral dropped to low.

I truly enjoyed this game and can see that it laid down the foundation for future games such as black and white.

Eternal Darkness – 2002 (Gamecube)

Another game I must mention is Eternal darkness for the Nintendo Gamecube platform, On a small note, it was the first M rating game to be published by Nintendo rather than a third party in 2002.

Eternal Darkness Cover Image

The game takes place centred around a mansion on rhode island USA where the player takes control of a female character who is trying to investigate the death of her grandfather and uncover the mysteries behind a book he left to her known as the Tome of Eternal Darkness.

One thing that set this game apart was the sanity meter, if it got to low, the player would lose control og their character, and would lose health faster, or perform a weird range of strange happenings such as muttering to self, not performing actions by the player or in the extreme case walk into a room – than the characters limbs blow off one by one, only for it to reset and see that the character has not yet gone through the door, truly magic and unsettling at times.

For the most part – the player explores the mansion, uncovers mysterious and solves puzzles, but where this game intrigues me is the use of a character sanity system and time flash backs where the game places the player in control of new characters with unique control styles throughout time.

The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask – 2000 (N64)

In terms of Adventure games – one that comes strongly to my mind is the Legend of Zelda franchise, rather than talking about the most successful title; Ocarina of Time, Majoras mask, its sequel, dared to be unique and launched on the Nintendo 64 in 2000;

The storyline sees the player follow link after his journey in Ocarina of time, where he is attacked by a mysterious creature and thrown into a strange and unique world. Players soon find out that this world is doomed to be destroyed in four days and link the main character must solve the worlds mysteries inorder to get home.

The main features surrounding the events in Majoras Mask unfold, as the inhabitants undergo daily routines and using the powers of Masks acquired from bosses, link is able to change into new forms and solve the problems of the inhabitants and unlock clues to further progress, but if the game time counts down to 0 – game over. Players could use the powers of the mask to reverse time, where the 4 days restart so that links journey can continue.

Zelda Title Screen
Zelda Title Screen

Character as a deku
Character as a Deku
Skeleton Enemies
Player fighting enemies

All these games are memorable to me and shined out among so many other good games that have come and gone.