Agfest VR

Agfest is an annual agricultural expo held in the island state of Tasmania.
The Agfest VR experience developed by AWF, took attendees high into the air on a TasNetworks transmission tower in desperate need of repairs. Tasked with completing repairs before weather conditions became too dangerous, users needed to work quickly while also dealing with their acrophobia.

The Agfest VR featured a stunningly  realistic environment that truly captured the essence of being on one of those massive transmission towers; so much so that looking over the edge of the rails gave a true sense of vertigo.

Programmed to give users a 5-min experience being a transmission tower repair worker, this interactive promotion tool was a stand out attraction at Agfest, with countless people lining up outside TasNetworks’ booth eager to give it a try.

VR is an exciting modern technology with countless applications for business.

Whether being utilised for promotional campaigns, training, or the demonstration of products to potential buyers; VR is an effective and versatile method for achieving your business’s goals.

AWF has the expertise to fully develop and design any VR program to meet your needs. Contact us now for any further enquiries about VR!