Countdown 2nd Birthday TVC

In order to help realise a television commercial celebrating the 2nd birthday of the One Card Loyalty program, AWF set off to New Zealand to provide on-set VFX supervision and capture digital reference. The production called upon both the studio's digital capture skills and animation expertise.

A two person AWF contingent hopped across the Tasman to visit our closest neighbours (the Kiwis) for an exciting and challenging project. While there, the team supervised the on-set VFX capture and filming consultation for on-location shoot.

The need to produce a convincing digital reconstruction of the sizable store building, lead us to utilise a technique known as photogrammetry. This method involves extracting 3D information from hundreds of photographic images and combining them with millimetre accurate laser measurements to generate reliable and accurate digital reconstructions of real-world objects (in this case an 80 metre facade). The terrestrial DSLR photography was supplemented by the use of drone stills photography.

Once back in the studio, with the digital reconstruction completed, the next step was using 3D tracking of the drone footage to enable accurate digital set extension/modification, including animating the scene of the building erupting out thousands of balloons.

Another key feature of the TVC was the animated trolleys parachuting down before zipping around the carpark, this involved a number of subtle but important details to be included in the production. The first of these was the extensive digital cable and fabric simulations to be made to give the convincing look of a parachute hitting the ground and crumpling. Another impact element that required significant attention to detail, was extensive rotoscoping done to combine the digital shadows with the harsh real-world shadows in the footage plate, an artifact of the harsh light conditions during the capture of the large-scale external footage.

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