Featuring seamless transition when suddenly replacing a live action actor with a photo realistic animated goose, this TVC encouraged drivers to not be a goose behind the wheel and to leave their phones alone while driving.

The first step during any live action productions requiring special effects is developing the previsualisation. This was completed by the studio, working alongside the director. This step is vital for ensuring real world footage and special effects blend effectively together during post production.

For this project the scenes filmed inside the car filmed stationary in front of a green screen. The background was then chroma keyed in along with environmental features such as reflections on the windscreen and bonnet to ensure the scenes remained realistic.

Moving into the car, a digital copy of the front seat interior was created. This was achieved by completing a photogrammetry survey, which involves extracting 3D information from photographic images and combining them with millimetre accurate laser measurements to generate reliable and accurate digital reconstructions of real-world objects (in this case the interior of the car). This process is required for producing the seamless transitions from man and goose.