Fun to Be Won

That moment when you find out you’re holding the winning ticket can make you feel as though you’re going to explode with excitement. This TVC for TasKeno captures the essence of this feeling. Upon realising, winners would explode into a giant ball of confetti before moments later appearing alive and well to cash in their winning ticket. This project involved a range of services from on-set supervision to post-production special effects.

Shot in a local pub in AWF’s homebase city of Hobart, production began with the development of the clean plate. A clean plate is footage that is identical to the actual shot, just without any actors and objects. When an object needs to be removed, let’s say someone winning TasKeno, then this area of the shot is replaced by the “clean plate”. After this the animated confetti explosion can be placed. 

For this project, although many groups scattered around the pub appear in a single clip, they were actually shot separately. It wasn’t until post production that all of these scenes were combined together to produce the final clip. 

Extensive rotoscoping was used to further enhance the fluidity when combining shots and removing objects. This process involved sketching the outlines of objects and people, frame by frame, creating a silhouette of the objects and people. These objects can then be extracted from their original scene and placed on a different background. This further enhanced the scenes where actors were replaced with the confetti explosions and shots were combined.

The confetti seen in this TVC was a combination of real and digital. The most challenging aspect was matching the digital confetti to their real world counterparts. HDR reflecting probes were used to produce the reflective texture of the real world confetti.

At times more alternative and creative approaches were taken to produce desired effects. During scenes where the winner would explode, we wanted the surrounding actors to be hit by a noticeable gust of wind produced by the explosion. For this, we had a crew member stand in place and at the correct time wave a large board to create the effect; the crew member was then digitally removed from the scene. 

This project was revisited a few weeks later, after a change in legislation took effect, restricting advertisements for gambling to have alcohol in any scenes. This alteration was quickly remedied by the team, who either placed objects in front of drinks or digitally removed them entirely.

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