Huon Agriculture Offshore TVC

The waters, in which the Huon Agriculture offshore fishing pens are situated, bear witness to some of the most extreme and roughest conditions on the planet. AWF was tasked with producing an animated TVC, showcasing these conditions and the monstrous strength of the “fortress” pens as they survive in these bleak environments.

The animation developed for this TVC encapsulates the brutal environment for the viewer via stunning and captivating visual effects produced in a completely digital simulacrum.

Employing large-scale fluid and soft body simulation that was progressively refined for near-camera detail, off the shelf simulation packages were enhanced with inhouse scripting tools and hybrid simulation solvers. The aggregated computer power for this project is one that pushed the limits within the studio; with over 5000 hours of parallel computing and a simulation result that took over 11 terabytes of data.

The digital erudition was enhanced by employing analogy techniques such as the sudden camera shake demonstrating the extreme winds, the rain drops appearing to hit the screen in front of the viewer and the blurry vision around the perimeter of the screen inducing a sense of the cold temperatures.

The ultimate accolade was when the client asked the agency, at the final presentation, “I thought we couldn’t film drone footage because of the safety concerns”… even though they had been part of the process they didn’t doubt the authenticity of the imagery.

Through the use of sophisticated technology and a performance-driven approach, we create animations infused with life and character. Whether it be for TV or online marketing campaigns, digital animation is a versatile method for creating engaging and memorable content.

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