Jeff the Wombat

Charged with the objective of advertising a new service to an audience that is typically resistant to change, we were given the freedom to pursue our creativity to its fullest to deliver an animation that could both educate and endear to even the most stubborn of punters.

This animation project for TasRacing focused on the design and animation of a semi-realistic Wombat that could simultaneously convey a sense of charm and ineptitude to highlight the ease of use of the client’s new platform compared to the ‘older way’ of doing things. Through some complex character rigging, we were able to capture a wide range of performance from the Wombat to deliver an animation that was both endearing and informative to accomplish our client’s objectives.

The standout hero achievement for us in this project was the creation of the titular CGI character, both in terms of personality, but also as a creative and technical achievement. A complex 3D character rig was created to capture a really strong range of performance from the Wombat. A key focus was the design of the Wombat’s fur, with importance placed on being semi-realistic and endearing.