Master of the Brewniverse Winner TVC

Blending real world environments with digitally constructed scenes, this TVC smoothly transitioned from the vastness of deep space to a local Dan Murphy’s store.

Created as a follow up to a previous campaign introducing the competition, this TVC begins with our hero astronaut grabbing the competition’s winning beer as it drifts through the solar system. Our cicerone hero, while pouring the prize beer, is transported to a local Dan Murphy’s, much to the astonishment of the customers and staff.

The In-store shots featured helmet tracking and replacement with the more authentic looking digital version.

Continuing with the fourth wall breaking antics of the earlier campaign, the obvious reflection of the studio crew in the astronaut’s helmet was an addition to reinforce the “homebrew” spirit of the campaign. As an added Escheresque novelty, those with a keen eye will notice the astronaut himself in the reflection as he chats amongst the crew.

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