Socket Paper Craft

For this project the TasNetwork mascot Socket, was brought to life in the papercraft form. This educational tool was an engaging method for teaching primary school students good safety practises when around electricity.

When looking for a fun, interactive physical promotional tool you can’t go much better than papercraft. TasNetwork were looking for such a tool to help educate primary school students about the dangers of electricity. In addition to this a key design requirement was to ensure no further equipment or parts (such as scissors or glue) were required for assembly. 

Papercraft met this requirement too, so the team set to work producing a fully 3D creation of the robotic mascot. The end result was a charming papercraft realisation of Socket, that included a number of endearing and fun features. Socket’s toaster head came with a piece of toast that could slide in and out. Our robot friend also possessed a heart and brain that was printed on the inside layer, this meant that after students assembled him these features were hidden within.  

As a companion to this project, a native iOS mini-game was produced that was utilised as a kiosk installation at various events. This provided a means to promote awareness of safety around electricity.

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Papercraft is a fun and interactive method for promotion and education that is easily distributable, whether via mail, handed out at events or part of larger promotional packages.

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