When practical creature effects “feel over” on-set, the decision was made to create the film’s creature completely digitally. Although lacking the benefit of VFX supervision, the studio was able to create a photo-real fiery monster that seamlessly blends with both environment and actor performance.

Being called upon during post-production, AWF was presented with the challenge of designing and implementing a digital creature into an already filmed sequence of shots. Usually for a production such as this, the team is present on set to provide previsualisation of scenes and VFX supervision before filming to ensure the required animations and special effects will blend effectively with the real world shots. This was not the case this time, forcing AWF to realise the animation of the creature to the pre-shot footage.

In addition to the creation of the creepy, otherworldly creature, AWF handled the post-production visual effects, manually recreating reflections and lighting environments, such as the tv flickering to be reflected upon the father’s face to simulate real-world conditions. Finally, AWF provided advice for editing refinements and colour grading.

For the work completed on this project AWF was awarded the “Best VFX” at the Canberra Short Film Festival.

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