Sumo Citrus

Providing end-to-end production services; AWF designed and developed characters beaming with personality and life.

In this fusion of a product promotion and anti-bullying campaign, four limes are chased by two menacing cookies down a supermarket aisle. The cookies are stopped in their tracks once the heroic Sumo Citrus enters the scene to defend the poor limes and scare away the sugary villains.

For this project AWF was tasked with developing a 30 second TVC, along with cut-downs and statics to be used on social media platforms.

As the Sumo Citrus is a uniquely shaped piece of produce; much larger than a typical mandarin and having a large protruding bump on the top, it was imperative for the star of the commercial to possess this distinctiveness in order to avoid viewers confusing the fruit for other products. 

AWF achieved this by giving the characters a stylised treatment and exploring a fantastical world of anthropomorphic fruit and products living in a supermarket. The lead hero, the Sumo Citrus was a burly individual of kind nature who possessed the physical characteristic of the product he portrayed. The rest of the cast included loveable and innocent limes and the mean cookies.

As this was a project that required end-to-end production services, AWF developed everything from the storyboard, animation, implementing visual effects and colour grading.

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