Spin The Wheel

With a usage load that would topple all but the most hardened CDN, this HTML5 landing page for an eDM campaign not only had to deliver smooth cross-device animation but provide a responsive UX flow to ensure the highest possible conversion rate.

The launch of the Spin The Wheel site began with extraordinary results, receiving a staggering 800,000 hits in the first two minutes! Even after accruing these mammoth numbers at no point did the site look like it was wavering. This was achieved thanks to our knowledgeable team and experience using the Amazon Web Service (AWS) content delivery network, CloudFront.

Customers were brought to this site via an Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM) system developed by us, which held an encoded data query that determined what rewards the user would receive on arrival to the page. 

Although the substantial bandwidth behind the site would typically be considered enough to assure an adequately responsive experience, we took it to the next level by further optimizing the graphics and assets for both PC and mobile.

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