Slingshot VR Game

With an objective to create an awesome trade-show experience that just about anyone could immediately pick up and play, this project pushed us to combine our creative and technical abilities to develop an engaging VR experience.

This project was focused on embracing the new innovative capabilities of Virtual Reality to create an accessible and enjoyable VR experience using only hand-tracking as the controller. As the target audience was widely made up of a tech-averse crowd, even the most basic of physical controller instructions would have been inhibiting. Therefore, the core design philosophy was to create an experience that literally anyone could pick up with virtually no instructions and be able to play.

As a core focus was to create a completely mobile untethered room scale VR experience, we opted to use the latest in VR technology to allow the game to be completely wireless. Thus, a focal point was the optimisation of the VR scene in terms of both code and 3D modelling to ensure that it would run very smoothly on a wireless setup.