WorkSafe Mental Health Awareness TVC

This TVC involved the blend of live action performances and digitally constructed environments and objects. Set in a single multistory building with a variety of different workplaces; each iteration zoomed into one of these workplaces and highlighted potential situations that could affect employees’ mental health.

For the production of this TVC over 80 people were filmed in front of green screens. The project shoot called for a very particular studio location. The venue chosen was an old theatre that had a unique filming volume that was able to provide significant depth, allowing the talent to be shot with extremely long lenses. The long lense imbued the footage of the talent with a convincing lack of perspective that matched the cross-section rendering of the building.

The live action performances were then composited into fully three dimensional digital scenes. These scenes consisted of digitally created props and photographic objects that were hand animated to seamlessly integrate with the filmed talent; interactions such as workers painting walls, people moving furniture, operating the lift or entering a scene via a door in the background.

Not only were the characters able to interact with the digital objects of the scenes but also the lighting. The keyed billboards of the people used simulated normal maps so they could realistically be affected by, and impact, the lighting of their environments. For instance, walking under a light would result in the light hitting them and shadows being created.

This project was able to harness the human appeal of live-action performance, while giving a treatment to the final result that would have been impossible to achieve through traditional filming techniques alone. The result, a campaign that was both striking and engaging while creating awareness for a very important topic.

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