Production Services

Employing the expertise of talented artists and operators, the capacity for Adam Walker Film [AWF] to deliver your digital content creation [DCC] can be, understandably, mislead by the “FILM” in the studio brand.

Just like the rarity of celluloid in broader modern film production, the request for “cine” has now become an infrequent occurrence in the studio; however that does not by any means diminish the ongoing dedication to deliver the most “fit-for-purpose” expertise for clients regardless of whether they are after box office visual effects or “cardboard-powered” VR for social media deployment.

A defining trait of the studio is the “agile” mentality that provide a critical point of excellence for the services that we provide. Appropriated from the software development sector “agile development” reflects the willingness [and capacity] to rapidly respond to the current state-of-play. It creates a production environment that is responsive and always focused on maximising the positive outcome for the project in question – regardless of what “unexpected” issue has arisen.

We are a motivated team that see the ongoing delivery of high-quality DCC as something we are proud of and continually want to excel and grow beyond our currently level of achievement.

A weave of Expertise & Artistry


The primary professional service of AWF is digital animation production. Animation is a service that spans a multitude of platforms, not to mention numerous creative and technical iterations; however ultimately it is discernment and appreciation of the underlying “essential” that is the key service of value that we provide our clients.

Using sophisticated technology and a performance-driven approach, we create animations infused with life and personality. Styling treatments include high-end digital 3D, real-time interactive 3D, toon-style 2D and even hand-drawn frame animation.

Visual Effects

Providing an extensive range of CG-based visual effects, AWF can enhance the quality and immersion of your production.

Rich Media

Not only does the studio offer services in a broad range of rich media application, our experience with web and interactive programming allows the studio to easily work as content creators with specialist web development houses and creative agencies because we understand the limitations and opportunities in this field.

VR/AR/Mobile Development

The rise of VR and “mixed reality” [MR] has lead to exciting new opportunities to transport the user to new heightened and refined “realities” that allow the conveyance of a message with vastly superior impact compared to older “domestic” technologies.

Embracing cutting edge technology to deliver exciting and socially engaging content and applications.

Broadcast Design

Motion graphic animations and visuals for broadcast production has been a mainstay of AWF since our early days.

Whether it is a complete package of series collateral that includes lower-thirds, break-aways, coming-ups and intro/outro segments – or a single asset that wants to bring impact to a specific component of a production – we can deliver the assets you require in a manner that is clearly responsive to the critical budget requirements of broadcast production.

AWF provides innovative and cost-effective solutions in screen design to help communicate your message.

Illustrations & Visualisation

We can solve your visualisation and illustration needs across a wide range of visual styles. For visualisation we deliver accuracy and realism through the utilisation of “image based lighting” [IBL] and an linear end-to-end “physical based shading” [PBR] workflow – .